Stöng in Mývatnssveit.  

First knowledge of people making their homes at Stöng is from 1857 and the same family has been living there since 1870. The land is about 13 km from Mývatn, is 1100 ha and even though it lies 320 m above sea level it is well grown and therefore well suitable for traditional farming. After a quota system was put on all agricultural production in 1982, tourism began, oldest rooms are located in the old house who was built 1929. Drilling for hot water began in 1998 and it became possible to get 3 liters of 60°C hot water per second. All houses at Stöng as well as hot tubs are now heated with this water.  

Almost all of Þingeyjarsýsla’s most beautiful places are close by Stöng, among them Mývatn, Krafla, Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi, Jökulsárgljúfur, Askja, Herðubreiðalindir and Kverkfjöll.

Laxá, a well known river for trout fishing, is also in the neighborhood.

There is a great view from Sandfell, which is about half an hour walk from Stöng, and in good weather conditions Bárðarbunga and Hofsjökull can be seen from there.

Short distance to all services, for example: Bank, market, swimming pools and nature bathing.

Everyone is welcome to visit the farm and learn about life at an Icelandic farm.

We welcome our guests and encourage them to visit our beautiful surroundings, at the same time we ask them to respect the environment and keep it clean in order not to disturb its sensitive ecology.


Framsetning efnis

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